Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation is a chance for us to teach your child the basics of how class flows, set our expectations, and teach a few fun moves.

What to Wear:

Have your child wear comfortable clothes they can move and stretch in. We will be fitting and giving out uniforms to registered students during orientation.

If you have any other questions before orientation, please feel free to reach out!

Click the link below for a quick video on how to register using the MyStudio App (Studio Code 828ttkd) or our Student Portal. Remember to select Memberships to register!

The first stripe is for attendance and discipline. We’re looking for a minimum of 8 classes where a student has attended and worked on showing good discipline in class. This means not only being present so that we can observe the practice of skills, but paying attention, following instructions, and not being disruptive.

The second stripe is for board breaking. This is where they demonstrate they can do the technique correctly and with enough force to break the board by the 3rd attempt. We have several strengths of board and increase the difficulty based on student age, belt, and overall ability.

The third stripe is for demonstrating the form on instructor count. At the beginner belt level, it is also ok for the instructor to step in and help demonstrate moves as the skill being learned here are the techniques and how to memorize movement. In addition to the sequence of techniques, we are looking at their stances (proper spacing and foot placement), the beginning and ending of each movement (starting at the base position and doing the movement fully), and correct trajectory (the direction of the movement from beginning to end).

At the beginner level, we don’t expect to see perfection in any of these areas. Rather, what we are looking for is that the student’s skills are developing. Some students may find paying attention and participating in class easy, but struggle with breaking boards. Others are excited about the skills they have and struggle to stand still and listen to refinements.

The in-class striping is designed to give us a tool to help students know exactly where they are doing well and where they need to focus.

Testing costs are included with tuition except for students grandfathered into the CMCC rates.

For color belts, stripe tests are $20, color belt tests are $30. We make an event out of the test. We also submit the results to the ATA, so if you move to a different school, your rank will transfer.

Stripe tests are midterms. We’re looking for skill development, general ability to do the movements, and implementation of life skills such as discipline. It’s a chance for your child to show off what they’re doing, for us to see where they’re making good progress, and for us to determine where we need to focus.

Color belt tests we’re looking for demonstration of specific skills (not necessarily perfectly at the beginner level), a strong start on performing forms and combinations, and implementation of certain key aspects such as discipline, listening, knowledge of techniques, etc.

Tuition for the first two months is $95/month. After that, tuition for the white belts class is $105/month. Tuition for color-belt classes is $125/month.

One uniform and a white belt is included in the first month’s tuition. For CMCC priced students, testing, additional uniforms, and any other equipment is purchased separately as needed.

For students on all-inclusive pricing, the monthly fee includes testing (approximately once every 8-10 weeks), one new uniform annually, weapons and equipment as required in class. This spreads the costs over several months and lets us ensure each person has the correct weapons and sparring gear when it’s needed.

We do not offer school weapons or sparring equipment that is shared between students.

When you register, we take a credit card in our system and that card is automatically billed each month on your start date for that month’s tuition. We also use that same card for any incidentals.

You have to email Ms. Caroline at to cancel. We do not offer refunds on prior months, but pausing and restarting your membership is easy and we’re happy to help you do that.